Colleen J. Galeazzi was born in Palm Beach, Florida where dancing and Disney World quickly became a part of her everyday life. Along with the interest in her father’s general contracting blueprints, Colleen begin to develop a whimsical passion to create sculptures that represented the fluid pattern of life and nature. Musical instruments reborn became her medium. The many pieces that fell into her hands, cellos, violins, pianos, were given a second chance through sculpture; their musical spirits given a new note to play in this world. The recycled and recreated instruments bring out the nostalgia felt within the symphonic masterpiece that is life. And the growing of a new type of sculpture is given energy to root a new musical path.

One her favorite movies which Colleen says, “Inspires you to be nothing but your true self”, is the Legend Of 1900”. To her it is a beautiful reminder of the romance and fight we take through music and art.  Over the years, Colleen Galeazzi has collected many broken but beautiful instruments. Orphans of musicians, these pieces have been adopted and brought back to life as animals, skeletal systems, pianoabrum, and many other vintage sculptures. She has displayed her art at several other art venues in Charlotte, NC.  She does commissioning projects and is working on five new string based sculptures including The Dragon Fly, Cecil, and several inspiring Disney characters. Colleen truly makes the music go round.

Article on Colleen done by Creative Loafing

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